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How to give an affiliate URL from my own website?  


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05/10/2019 8:41 am  

Dear all,

I would like to start a estore website, from that I am planning to run an affiliate program. I have seen in many websites running affiliate programs by giving a URL link of the same website with affiliate Id. And they square measure giving that link as a free web site. It looks the same as the parent website, It is hardly taking less than 30 seconds. I am eager to know how the URL link is generated, does this process requires any third-party software, if so can any of you suggest what are most famous software for this process. please educate Maine during this state of affairs, your suggestions are going to be extremely appreciated.

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07/10/2019 9:23 pm  

Are you using WordPress? You can use this plugin ( ) to create an affiliate scheme with WooCommerce. 

Shopify has affiliate plugins as well, Refersion seems to be the best one although it does cost $89 a month. 

Once I know more about your setup, I can provide more info.